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For those of us who dedicated a great portion of our lives serving as sterile processing scientists, the lack of suitable products to help get the job done right the first time is a huge setback. From the field of sterile forensics therefore, Vendor Medical presents you with the most innovative sterile processing products and services. We make your job much easier, safer, enjoyable and cost effective. We look forward to working with you and your department for the highest standards of care  and best practices.

Sterile Processing Products

Review the sterile processing product below :
  • Super Wrap
    Title : Super Wrap
    product Disc :Super wrap supports the bottom of wrapped surgical trays to prevent holes and tears.
  • Remy Count Sheet Holder
    Title : Remy Count Sheet Holder
    product Disc :A reusable surgical count sheet holder. Comes with quality assurance cards, which chemically change color from: STERILIZED to STERILIZED after sterilization to distinguish sterile surgical trays from non-sterile trays. This clear plastic count sheet holder is compatible with steam, sterrad, ethylene oxide and ozone sterilization…
  • Quality Assurance Card
    Title : Quality Assurance Card
    product Disc :Quality assurance cards bring quality to your finger tips by chemically changing color from :‘STERILIZED’ to ‘STERILIZED’ while providing you with all the quality checks needed to ensure sterility. For the safety of your patients, use quality assurance cards in surgical instrument processing. This quality assurance card is used on wrapped surgical trays and our Remy Clear Plastic Count Sheet Holder for rigid containers.
  • Heavy Surgical Tray Label
    Title : Heavy Surgical Tray Labels
    product Disc :Surgical trays heavier than 25lbs pose a danger to sterile processing technicians and operating room staff. To avoid injury, use the heavy surgical tray labels to identify heavy sterile and heavy non-sterile trays. Apply safety guidelines to ensure safety in the work place.
  • Farrah Pouch
    Title : Farrah Pouch
    product Disc :Farrah pouch is a one time use count sheet holder for wrapped surgical trays.
  • Caution Plate
    Title : Caution Plate
    product Disc :Simply mount or stand on sterilization cart to identify hot, sterile and non-sterile surgical trays.
  • Alma Sac 1000s Count Sheet Holder
    Title : Alma Sac 1000s Count Sheet Holder
    product Disc :Ideal for steam, sterrad and ethylene oxide sterilization…