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Who we are…?

Do you have issues in sterile processing? Our experts are here to serve you. From improving your instrument processing systems, to employee performance services, we walk the extra mile each time to ensure that your sterile processing department is top-notch. You can count on us to provide the best system improvements to your facility at a budget you can afford.

Our core sterile forensic services include:

  • Staffing and education
  • Human failure resolution
  • Mechanical failure resolution
  • System failure resolution
  • Performance improvement
  • Employee counseling
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team building and employee satisfaction
  • Operating room relations
  • Sterile processing technician morel boosting and much more…..
  • We¬†also provide IFU drafting to medical device manufacturers

What is sterile forensics…?


Sterile Forensics…

The application of scientific methods to logically detect the source of error that undermines sterility. A master of sterile forensics is a sterile processing professional who gained the expertise to guide the manufactuer and proper processing of surgical instruments.
This term was first coined by the founder of vendor medical who himself has worked as a technician, instrument specialist and sterile processing manager and leader.

Believing that instead of the varied manufacturer’s recommendations, a standard frame work should be set to bring all manufacturers into the loop to enhance the industry of sterile processing. Vendor Medical would continue to pioneer this worthy cause for the good of our industry and the field of sterile processing.

We love what we do to the point that we’re able to pour our time, passion and resources into boosting the cause of sterile processing worldwide. In short, sterile processing begins at the point of manufacture and not the point of use as currently advocated in our industry and the ease of cleaning and sterilant exposure should be the guiding principles in surgical instrument processing.Therefore; manufacturers should not only focus on functionality and the ease of use, but also this crucial reprocessing aspect of surgical instrumentation.